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SEO Tips and Tricks
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best technique to visible your website or a page on search engine. Search engine is ranking the pages according to its terms and conditions, like keywords, page content etc. SEO target different kinds of searches, like searches for images, videos, academics, news, articles etc. It uses three methods such as “Getting indexed, preventing crawling and increasing prominence”. It means Google, Yahoo and Bing is using crawlers to find a page for their algorithmic search results. If you want to increase your organic traffic from search engine, all you need to read these top 15 SEO tips and tricks.

1)     Use Plugin SEO by Yoast

In SEO tips and Tricks, the first step you should do in your WordPress blog is, to install Plugin SEO by Yoast, because it will make things easier for you. This is most useable plugin in WordPress. This plugin will provide you all general and page information while editing a post. Once you did all this keyword stuffing, then you will get a better results on search engine.

2)    Keyword density between 2% to 6%

Try to use keywords in your articles, which relates to your niche. The plugin SEO by Yoast will also help you by telling the keyword density; try to maintain your keyword density between 2% to 6% in article. Before publishing an article try to check the keyword density with the help of SEO by Yoast, if you found your keyword density is low, just increase it by increasing the keywords in your content. So in SEO tips and Tricks keyword density also play an important role. 

3)    Use keywords on post Title, Body and Meta Description

Search engine is looking for keywords on Title, Body and on Meta description in its first round. Therefore you have to give same keywords on article’s Title, on its body and finally on its Meta description.Now it will be easier for search engines to scan your article easily. 

4)    Linked with inners pages

Interlinking your article with previous articles will make things easier for both search engines as well as for your readers. Try to link at least 5 articles within an article, so it will give an impression for search engine that, your blog has some other important and variety of post as well. Thirdly, most important thing is that, it will decrease your bounce rate as well, because the links will engage your readers on your blog. Linking is another great SEO trick to engage your readers. 

5)    Get Idea from Google Adword

If you got a problem in selecting of keywords, better to use Google Adword for keyword searching. Google Adword is an amazing page for SEO settings, because it will provide you all monthly and regional searches on a keyword. Suppose, if you are searching for a keyword, such as “blogging tips” and you found that the minimum searches for this kind of keywords are 500/month, while 20 for “blogging tips for beginners” then you have to set your keyword as“blogging tips for beginners”, because it got less competitions. The less searches on search engine will increase great chance of selecting your article by search engines. So in SEO tips and tricks short tail-keywords and long tail-keywords are another an important factor. Therefore you should know the differences between long-tail keyword vs short-tail keyword

6)    Use Header Tags

Again, headings are another important factors for SEO on your blog. Try to include, H1, H2 and H3 on your articles. Headings are the most important places for your keywords; therefore try to use keywords within your headings. 

7)    Canonicalize your URL

Canonical is being used to optimize your blog URLS to prevent from duplications. Fist, you need to set your blog URL for WWW and without WWW version. WordPress give an easy excess to change your blog URL to WWW and non WWW versions. Actually, the problem is that, search engine treat your page separately means it will count it as a duplicate page, which is not good for your blog. If you want to change it, just go to general setting and save the changes.

8)   Update your blog regularly

If you are updating your blog regularly, then your articles will come quickly on search engine. Search engine is also seeing the momentum of your blog, like the bounce rate and staying times of visitors on your page. Try to get some reputation and once you able to engage your readers, then search engine will refer your articles for its visitors. So in SEO tips and tricks, try to set your bounce rate as low as you can. 

9)    Don’t copy the content

When I was submitting my final research report, my supervisor has checked the plagiarism and it was 10%. Just imagine, I worked about 2 months on it, to prevent from plagiarism but still got 10%, then our articles will be plagiarized more, because majority of work already done on blogging stuff. I hope you are not copying the contents of other websites and blogs. Search engine is very powerful tool; it will detect each and every word you copied. So the SEO trick is that, just check your content's plagiarism through these (plagiarism checkers). 

10) Create videos

I think you had figure out on Google, that it brings videos on its first page while searching. It means search engine prefer videos instead of content. The second important things of videos are that, they linked with other networks, through which your blog traffic will also increase. If you have not created a video yet, better to make a video for SEO. In SEO tips and tricks, creating videos can bring more users than content. 

11) More content more ranking

Well, showing a consistency in blogging is a tough job, everyday you have to write some articles for your blog. The pages that brings more traffic to their site got a lot of content in it. Try to creating more quality content on your blog, so the visitors and search engine will rank you articles in a better way.

12) Bloggers recommend long tail keywords for new blogs

If you want to bring more traffic, all you need to use short keywords but if your blog is new then you should use short-tail keywords. Choosing long and short tail keywords is again an important factor for SEO. Many bloggers recommend that, if your blog is at initial stage with less content, then use long-tail keywords, but if your blog is famous, you can use short-tail keywords. I think you know the differences between long-tail keyword vs short-tail keyword. So in SEO tips and tricks long-tail keywords are better for new blogs. 

13) Leave comments for backlinks

SEO is not restricted to only using keyword stuffs but once you had published the article, try to comment on the other blogs. If you comment on other blogs, it will increase your traffic through backlinks. Backlinks are another an important factor for your blog, because Google see the quality and quantity of backlinks to determine your pagerank. So the SEO trick is to get more backlinks for your blog. 

14) Use social website for promotion

You cannot imagine the power of social media; your article will spread throughout the world within seconds. Try to use social buttons on your site, because each share will increase the number of visitors to your blog. First share will spread your article to your circle, and second share will spread to another person’s circle and so on. 

15) Optimize your image

If you want to bring more traffic to your blog, you have to name the images with its keyword, like bloggingtips.jpg, not just leave with dfd.jpg etc. How images can bring more traffic? First, search engine reads the image name; secondly, on image searches it will be direct to your blog. So do not forget to write the name and description for the images on ALT tag as well. 
So we have covered 15 great SEO tips and tricks on this blog post. Now its your turn to share your WordPress SEO tips and tricks via comments. 

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