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Reduce bounce rate

Bounce Rate

It is an internet marketing term, which represents the percentage of visitors, who visit your site and bounce (leave the site quickly) instead of continue viewing other articles within the same site. Bounce rate has been used as a proxy to measure the performance and effectiveness of an entry page. For example, if your bounce rate is high in Google analytics, it means your site is unable to attracting the continued interest of visitors. A rule of thumb indicates that, if your page got 50% bounce rate, it means your page is an average, but if it crossed 60%, then you should be concerned. If your blog exceed the bounce rate over 80%, then you have to adobe some strategies and follow some tips to reduce your blog bounce rate.

Bounce Rate = visitors that left after one page/total no of visitors

Suppose you are receiving 10,000 visitors each month, out of which 7,000 bounced after visiting only one page, then your bounce rate for the month will be 7,000/10000, which is equal to 0.7 (or 70%).

Tips to reduce bounce rate of your blog

Interlink to older posts

Open external links in new tabs

Choose an attractive theme

Avoid Pop-Up ads

Do not include so many ads on a single page

Prominently display your search box

Content should be scanable/readable

Split up long posts

Use short paragraphs

Have clean, accessible navigation

Have a responsive layout

Reason for Bounce Rate

If visitor hit the “Back” button

If visitor clicked on ads

If visitor clicked on external links

If visitor closed his browser

If visitor types another URL

If visitor don’t like the first look

If your blog got a cache problem

How to check Bounce Rate?

If you want to evaluate your blog position, all you need to check the bounce rate of your blog.
Sign-in to Google Analytics or go to Alexa.com and check the bounce rate. 

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