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add adsense to wordpress
To add AdSense code to WordPress blog is quite easy, all you need to get the code from Google AdSense and paste in a WordPress Widget. The main advantage in AdSense ads are, you don’t need to search for the ads, instead Google itself determine, what your posts and niche is all about and display those ads which are relevant to your readers, such as if your niche is about painting, it will display an ad, like “Art Supplies” etc, which associates with your niche. Google give an easy excess to add AdSense to blogger, because AdSense is run by Google itself. If you got huge amount of traffic, add AdSense ads in your blog and make some money. 

Sign-up with Google AdSenseJust Sign-in with a Gmail ID or you can Sign-up for a new account.

Agree their terms and conditions: Their terms and conditions consist of some rules, like you can’t invite people to click on your ads, don’t edit the code given to you, or don’t display the ad with a popup.

Build your Advert: Once you activated with AdSense, log into AdSense and go to My Ads, and then add a New Ad Unit. Now you can select an advert according to your choice, for example, select a banner ad for the top etc. Save and get the code.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress site, got to Appearance and select click on Widgets.
AdSense to WordPress
Step 2: In widgets you have to select a Text Widget.

Step 3: Once you select a Text Widget, Paste the AdSense Code in the widget.
AdSense to WordPress

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