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Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the main source for tracking traffic on your blog. If you want to know the statistics of your blog, all you need to install Google Analytics in your blog. It will tell you about your blog's each and every activity, through which you can see demography and visitors location.

Key information related to Google Analytics

Site Usage Statistics: It tells you about the average number of pageviews and number of unique visitors per month. If your blog is growing rapidly, then it will count your subscribers.

Geographic Information: This page will display a report associated with the visitors, where they are coming from? Normally it provides a graphic representation of top ten countries with percentage of traffic these locations provide.
Google Analytics

Demographic information: well it is optional but here you can get information about the age group, genders, profession, and other demographic information about your visitors.
Search Engine: It will tell you about the traffic which is coming from search engines, like Google, Bing, and Ask etc.
Organic Searches: Organic search results are relevance results pages that are listed by search engine for search terms. Organic searches are the most relevant searches for your blog, because these searches are coming directly from search engine.
Non Organic Searches: It is opposite of organic searches, these searches are normally being advertised or reach results include PPC advertising.
Direct links: Those visitors, who visited your site by typing the URL directly or they had bookmarked your site on their computers.
Referral Links: These are the links, which have been linked on other websites; normally these links have been tagged to other websites to increase their traffic.

How Google Analytic will help me?

It can help you to check your Bounce Rate; it is the percentage of users exit your blog site on their first visit. If it shows a high Bounce Rate in your blog, it means the visitors are not staying on your page, they exit quickly. This is great information to decrease the Bounce rate of your blog and increase the depth of page-views. How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog?

Secondly, posting timing is very important factor for increasing the traffic. It will tell you the hottest hours in the day for your blog, just figure-out the time zone and publish your posts when it is compatible with the time. 

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