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The content should be associated with your topic. Mostly bloggers wrote out of context and including irrelevant materials in their blogs. So initially you have to introduce your topic, for the audience, afterwards you can elaborate it. So kindly don't include irrelevant stuffs, which can be contradicted to your topic.
good content

1- Content, content and only the content

If you want to be a top blogger, you have to put some good content in your blog. Because your content is one of the most important things, you can only persuade your followers through your content nothing else, it’s all in vain, if you are not focusing on your content. So try to include good content.

2- Your content will be friendly or mature, and then stick to it

It means avoid using harsh words, it will discourage your audience, and as well as your reputation. Try to be polite and use mature and good content. It will encourage your reader and fans, because ethics can play an important role in your personal grooming and as well as attract people towards you. You can not underestimate the kindness in your life.

3- Convert your comments to continue a discussion

By doing this, it will engage your audience, or a kind of your involvement in it. So try to convert your comments to continue a discussion. It’s a kind of behavioural trap, once you are able to involve the audience in discussion, they will not leave the discussion, because they want to share their own ideas and thoughts. It’s also a kind of arguing each other, and this argument will create an interest in your followers. That’s why don’t comment try to discuss.

4- Use other blogs for inspiration

It’s a kind of setting a target, and wants to achieve it. We always set a goal in our life, and stick to it; same is the case here, if you set a blog for your inspiration, this inspiration will convert into your goal, because you want your blog to be like that. It also gives you a sort of guideline, and this guideline will also help you to improve your blogging style.

5- Try to write persuasively

In blogging persuasive writing is the only main factor which will boost up your ranking. If your blog persuades your followers, they will spend more time in your blog, and not getting bore, and if you are unable to persuade them, they will left your blog and will search another blogger. So try to inspire your reader, so he/she can spend more time in your blog.

6- Never give up, show consistency

In blogging mostly people not stay longer, initially they were exited and create a blog, but with the passage of time, they are getting bore. So if you want to be the top blogger, you have to show consistency and passion, because blogging is a kind of thing which will provide benefit in long run, not in short run. So try to write continuously and persistently, and never give up, it will definitely provide your effort in near future.

7- Belief in yourself

If you are strong believer, that you can do everything with yourself, it can provide you the strength to achieve your goal. Self esteem and self actualization can give you the confidence and the courage, through which you can manipulate easily.

8- Deliver what you feels

 Mostly people are not expressing their ideas and feelings, and it’s not an easy way to do, because what’s in your mind and interpretation of your thoughts needs suitable words, that’s why it’s difficult to express in words. So try to use appropriate and suitable words for your thoughts, it will easily convey your message.

9- Try to introduce innovative techniques

People don’t like repetitive works and techniques, be creative and try to introduce new things. Your creativity may be associated with technology, blogging tricks, or may be associated with content, simply try to do unique work, which mostly don’t.

10-  Should be in summarized form

Answer to the point, it means sum up your whole idea in few lines, because people are not interested to read a lengthy paragraph. They just want to catch the main idea from your content.

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