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User Friendly Navigation

It means you have to make an easy menu for the readers, so they can easily understand and search the relevant articles in your blog. There is a famous quote, “First impression is the last impression”. It means, if a person come first time in your blog, the first impression should be friendly and impressive so he can spend some more time in your blog.

Two mouse clicks

Two mouse click means, a person cannot face trouble to find his interesting material which he is looking for.
ü  First click should be on the main menu and
ü  Second should be on the sub menu.
If you place your articles in this order, then everyone can easily find your blogging stuffs. Most searchers don’t like complicated navigation, so if you want to catch those searchers, you have to make a friendly navigation/menu.

Create Categories

Categories means sum up similar stuffs in one basket. In blogging we are writing different articles resembling many fields. For example, Sports, Blogging, Entertainment, Showbiz, Business News etc, here I am creating categories. The sporting activities should be label to sports menu, so it can be easier for your audience. Therefore create user friendly categories.

Include natural link or authentic link

Natural link means the original link of a website. For example if you are providing a source for an article, you have to add an authentic link with it. It will give brief information for the readers, who want to know more about it.

Improve Bounce Rate

Refers to the visitors who come to your site and then leaves without viewing other pages in your blog. It’s a negative indicator for you, because people are not interested to see your page. You can reduce your bounce rate by providing quality content, which can satisfy and answers the questions of the reader. It’s an important point because many people came to your blog, but they also left in a few minutes, it’s because, you are not fulfilling the reader’s requirement. Therefore you should improve Bounce Rate of your blog.

 Look your site like a search engine

If you evaluate or search your blog, it will provide you the true picture of your blog. You will easily find out the weaknesses and strength of your blog. For example, search engine is providing you the information associated with your blog. It will give you the name and places of the countries, where your articles has been read. From that you can easily figure out your targeting audience and followers.

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