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Make Money With CPA

Cost-Per-Action (CPA)

CPA ads are different from CPC ads, because in CPA ads a publisher is getting paid, when a user takes an action on a site, it means when a user register with a website or buy something from their site, then only the money will be added to the publisher’s account. It is also known as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Pay Per Action (PPA), so don’t confuse yourself with these three abbreviations. It’s again a nice program for making money online, because many visitors are making accounts and purchasing products through your referral links in the form of ads. This program is not restricted only for purchasing of products, but you will get paid on submission of contacts, newsletters, sign ups, requests and registrations on their sites through your blog.

How much I can get in CPA ads?

Cost Per Action (CPA): This program is paying money on the basis of cost divided by the number of acquisitions. The number of acquisitions is calculated with number of Clicks through Rate (CTR) by number of Impressions. If we mathematically derive this formula it can be written as.
The effectiveness of the Cost Per Action Advertising, it is being compared to Cost Per Impression or Per Mille with Cost Per Click.
In Cost Per Impression you will get paid for every 1000 impressions. It is more concerned with how many times an ad has been shows up.
While in Cost Per Click you will get paid on each clicks on the ads. As my previous tutorial was about how to make money with Cost Per Click CPC ads? Better to read if you want to make money with CPC, because it another an easy way to make money online.
How to join any CPA site?
Commission Junction (CJ) Cj.com
Commission Junction is an online advertising affiliate marketing program, working for both an advertiser and for a publisher. CJ will connect an advertiser with its consumers and a publisher will generate handsome amount of money through its ads.

How to Join Commission Junction Cj?

Step 1- Sign-up for Cj.com

You will probably not find the Sign-up option on the site, because it is not available on the front page, though you will find it, but you can  just click this link for Sign-up, if you couldn't found it.

Make Money With CPA

Step 2- Fill-up the whole field

Just provide all relevant information associated with your blog.

Step 3- Approve from your mail

For this you have to log-in to your mail site to get password for the site, just approve by clicking the link and Sign-in to cj.com with the given mail and password.

Step 4- Fill-up the payment method

Here you have to just fill the payment method.

Step 5- Get link for an Ad

Finally you can get a link with your choice and embed it into your blog for advertisement, that’s it, now you will get paid on CPA.
Some other websites for CPA ads

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