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Add AdSense to blogger
AdSense is a program run by Google itself, therefore it provide an easy way to make money. The revenue is generated from your content, through automatic texts, images, and videos or interactive media advertisements, which Google targeted to your site content and audience. Google earned 28% of its revenue from AdSense. It has earned about US $9.71 billion in 2011.

How Google display these Ads?

The main advantage in adsense ads are, you don’t need to search for the ads, instead Google itself determent, what your posts and niche is all about and display those ads which are relevant to your readers, such as if your niche is about painting, it will display an ad which associates with your niche, like “Art Supplies”etc.

How to add Adsense to blogger?

1-    Sign-in to your blog

Sign-in to your blog and go to Layout and Add a Gadget of Google AdSense, here you have to paste that code, which you have copied above.
Add AdSense to blogger
Add AdSense to blogger
Add AdSense to blogger

2-     Google do the rest

Once you have put the code, it will take few hours to start serving ads on your blog. The beauty about Google AdSense is that, whenever a reader visits your blog, it will automatically display an ad which is related to page content.

3-    How to collect the Money?

Better to read “Intro to AdSense Payments
(Note) Google Adsense paid money on pay per click basis, the number of times visitors click on the ads, you will get paid on each click, but don’t do yourself many clicks on the ads, because it will count the clicks for each IP addresses. If you violated Google AdSense Policies, your account will be cancelled.
Still you have any confusion, just comment on it or read.

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