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long tail keywords or short tail keywords
SEO is very powerful technique to visible your site in search engine. If you want to visible your site in search engine or want to get some organic traffic, all you need to do proper keyword stuffing, because search engine ranks an article according to its keywords. Now, it’s better to know, Which one is better for SEO: Long Tail Keywords OR Short Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords is a keyword phrase containing more than 2 words, like “SEO Tips for Beginners” etc
Short Tail Keywords or “Head” terms refer to 1 to 2 words phrases, like “SEO Tips” etc
Long Tail Keywords are used by new blogger, because they can’t compete with popular searches
Short Tail Keywords are used by popular bloggers, because they got the reputation
It would be easier to achieve some organic traffic through Long Tail Keywords, because of less competition
It would be challenging to achieve high organic traffic through Short Tail Keywords, because of high competition
It can bring less organic traffic to your blog/website.
It can bring hung amount of traffic to your blog.
If your blog is new, better to use Long Tail Keywords, because you can’t compete with popular blogs/website.
If your blog has the reputation, better to go for Short Tail Keywords
More targeted searches
Less targeted searches
Less competition, because Long Tail Keywords are less popular
High competition, because Short Tail Keywords are more popular

How to find the best keywords for your blog/website?

If you want to find a Short Tail Keyword, which will bring more traffic with less competition, then you have to visit Google Adword Keyword Tool or WordStream. Try to search keyword on Google Adword Keyword Tool, and set keywords, which have less monthly searches on search engine.


Keyword also depends on your quality of content, because sometime search engine rank articles on quality instead of keyword, but keyword should be there. In each article, don’t forget to include keywords on the Title, Content/Body, URL and Meta Description. Secondly, if your blog is new, better to use Long Tail Keywords, because there is less competition and wise versa. 

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