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Cost Per Click
As we are familiar with make money online. Nowadays bloggers are generating handsome amount of money from their blogs through different advertisement programs, in which Cost Per Click (CPC) is one of the main type of advertisement. Cost Per Click is one of the most use-able advertisement programs in the blogging sphere. To make money with Cost Per Click Ads are quite easy, because, all you need to display different ads on your blog and when the visitors click on the ads, the amount will be added up to your account. The more visitors you get, the more clicks on your ads, the more clicks your ads will generate more revenue for your blog.

Top Cost Per Click Advertisment Sites

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best Cost Per Click  advertisement program on the internet, because it is a program run by Google itself, therefore its popularity is quite larger than other CPC programs. When you are adding AdSense’s ads make sure to follow its rules, because majority of blogger complains that, their accounts have been blocked by Google. Why it is blocking the accounts? It’s because bloggers tell their friends and families to click on the ads, when Google saw such kind of aggressive clicks on a blog, it simply blocks their accounts and all of their money will go in vain. The CPC for your blog ads are determined by the advertisers, there are some advertisers who pay more per clicks than others, it all depends on the advertisers, what they are going to advertise on your blog.

Do you know how much does Google AdSense pay to his publishers?

Google is paying 68% of its revenue to its publishers and remaining 32% keep himself. It means if an advertiser set a bid of dollar 1 ($1) for a click, then Google AdSense will pay you $0.68 for a click. To get maximum profit all you need to know the proper way of using Google AdSense, such as.
Use Proper Keywords
Create Quality of Content
Maximize Keyword Density
How to Add AdSense to Blogger? It’s a step by step Tutorial through which you can easily add AdSense ads to your blog.
How to Add AdSense to WordPress blog? Adding AdSense to your blog is simple, all you need to paste a code into a WordPress widget.
These are some other CPC sites for Monetization, like

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