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Charge For Sponsored Ads
Nowadays companies are advertising their products through internet, the online advertisement of products are increasing day-by-day. Companies are selecting blogs for advertisement because majority of teenagers and adults are directly and indirectly linked with different blogs. The companies are mostly targeting teenagers and adults, because they want to make them a loyal customer for a longer period of time. Multinational Companies (MNCs) are making strategies for long run, and make advertisements in short run to make their royal customers for a long period of time.

Now a question arise for a blogger that, How Much should you Charge for Sponsored Ads on Your Blog?

If a company wants to display an ad on your blog, then you can charge according to average monthly page-views of your blog. It means if you got 100,000 visitors in 10 months, then the average monthly pageviews are ten thousand (10,000). It’s a mathematical formula through which you can easily predict your sponsor ad's worth. Cost Per Mlle is a term used to calculate the ad worth. Mile is Latin word for 1000.

CPM= Average Monthly Pageviews × $3                          1,000

Suppose, if your monthly pageviews are 10,000, just put this figure in the formula that is.
CPM = 10,000 × $3    = $30
It means you should charge thirty dollar ($30) per month to display a sponsor ad in your blog. So it all depends on the page-views of your blog. If you want to charge more, you have to increase the pageviews of your blog.

Why they are checking the Page-viewers?

It’s because, if the number of page-views in a blog is greater, it means there is more chance of viewing their ads and when more visitors visit their ads, there is more chance of purchasing their product and both the parties are getting better-off. Suppose there are two blogs, in which one is charging $100 monthly for a banner, and second is charging $200 for the same spot. What would you say, is it a good offer for an advertiser in first blog?
Absolutely not, because the first blog may generate 10,000 monthly page-views while on the other hand second blog may generate 200,000 monthly page-views. In this case advertiser is better-off in second case and he will definitely go for the second offer for $200, because there are more viewers than the first blog.

Why both parties are getting better-off?

In sponsor ads both the parties are getting better-off, because on one side companies sales are increasing and when sales are increase it will generate more revenue for the company and on the other hand blogger get paid on displaying ads on his blog. At the end I just want to suggest you that, if your blog is quite popular, fist asks the advertiser that, how much he is going to pay, maybe he will offer you more as compare to CPM and if your blog is new you can even charge less than CPM, because your blog is not popular yet. 

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