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How affiliate market programs works
As majority of bloggers are familiar with affiliate market and they are generating handsome amount of money with a simple technique. Why generating money with affiliate marketing is simple, because you have to just create an account with affiliate markets and then embed a tracking ID of an associated product, which you are referring to your audience.

How Affiliate Market Programs Works?

It offers with a tracking ID, which you embed in your blog and whenever a visitor visits through this link, it will redirect to the landing page on the company site.
If the visitor redirected from your blog to the company site, and he makes a purchase through your link, you will be get paid a commission by the company, if the cookies are still valid.

How much can you earn from affiliate markets?

Well, it all depends on the type of goods you selling through affiliate market. Your commission can be a few percentage points or it can be 100 percent, because some companies give away the entire sale price in its promotional period. The commissions in digital goods like ebooks and courses are also quite satisfactory, because they are paying about 50 percent of their sales. The period of time after its referral is about sixty to ninety days. You can generate handsome amount of money if you have a large amount of visitors. 
How Affiliate Market Program Works

Some Affiliate Sites to Make Money Online 

1-      Amazon Associate

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces for shopping products related to software, ebooks, electronics, clothes, etc. If you want to make money online just affiliate your blog to Amazon.com.

How to affiliate your blog to Amazon?

Sign-up for Account Information

Visit Amazon.com and click on Become an Affiliate blow middle of page. 
How affiliate marketing programs worksWebsite Profile
Add Blog URL and Address.
Website Profile Add Blog URL and Address.

Your Identity and Verification

Just fill up the file, because it’s self explanatory.

Receive the call and enter the pin.

Once you enter your cell no, you will receive a direct call from Amazon, now enter the pin and click on finish. Don’t forget to enter the country code before your cell number. That’s it, now you can add a referral link for different products, through which you can generate some money, if you got an excellent audience.

You can also visit some other Affiliate Sites

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