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 promote your site
Promotion play an important role to visible your site on social networks and search engines. There are many ways; through which you can promote your site, like commenting on other websites/blogs, sharing content on Facebook, Google and Twitter, guest blogging or you can promote your site through SEM. You have seen this on many sites that, bloggers and web masters are investing millions of dollar on promoting their site, because in today’s world, advertisement brings more and more users to your site. Instead of paying money for promotion, better to work little harder to capture the substitute one, which will cost you less, like SEO. 
promote your site

First, Promote your site in the Right Ways

Backlinks also play an important role in search engine ranking, the more people linked to your site, the more users you will get and the more users you get, the more money you can earn. There are two main types of promotion, which are “Online and Offline”. In “online promotion”, you can promote your site through user’s blogs and social media services, while in “Offline Promotion”, you can promote your site through newsletter, DM, Posters, business cards etc.
If you are running a local business, better to add its information to Google Places, because it will help your customers to reach your site easily. There are more tips on webmaster help center for promotion of your local business.
promote your site

Best Practices

  • Try to post relevant content to related community

  • Don’t involve your sites in schemes, which artificially promote your site

  • Don’t involve in spamming link requests out to all sites

  • Don’t purchase links, in order to getting pagerank instead of getting traffic

Secondly, Make Use of Free Webmaster Tools

If you want to know how Google interacts with their websites and blogs, all you need to understand Google’s Webmaster Tools. First, add your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your pages in right ways.
How to add blogger blog to webmaster tools?
How to add WP blog to webmaster tools?
Secondly, understand the Google’s Webmaster Tools, how Google crawler indexes sites. Better to check “Webmaster Help Forum” “Webmaster Guideline” “Google Analytics” and “Google Website Optimizer” for more optimization.

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