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Add Google Analytics tracking code
Google Analytics is one of the main sources for tracking traffic in your blog. If you want to know the statistics of your blog, all you need to install Google Analytics in your blog. It will tell you about your blog's...
Site Usage Statistics
Geographic Information
Search Engine
Organic Searches
Non-Organic Searches
Direct Links/Indirect Links
Referral Links

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code in WordPress ?

Step 1: Just go to Google Analytics page, and "Sign in" with your "Gmail ID". You will be prompted with a sign-up window.
Step 2: Here just enter your site information. Enter your "Site URL" "Account Name" "Timezone" and the "Country Name".
Step 3: In this window, just enter your "Contact Information".

Step 4: Agree with their terms and conditions and you will receive a “Code”, Copy this code and paste in a notepad.
Add Google Analytics tracking code

How to install Google Analytic in WordPress?

Well, there are three different ways to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

1.      Plugin

Install “Insert Header and Footer” and paste that code in the plugin’s setting page.
2.     Direct Paste
In your theme’s footer.php, "Below" the "</body>" tag, "Paste" that Google Analytical code.
Add Google Analytics tracking code

3.     Functional.php

 (Note): If you got a command on PHP, only then use this.

First add this code on your theme’s function.php file and paste the Google Analytics code in it and save. Now you can easily see your blog’s analytic overview.

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