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Notify Google of Mobile Sites

Notify Google of Mobile Sites

Millions of people are using mobile phones on daily basis, and each day searches are increasing on Google’s Mobile Search Page. The management methods, format, and expertise required in mobile phones are quite different from desktops; therefore, it’s better to optimize your site for both searches (Mobile phone plus desktop).

Notify Google of Mobile Sites

How to verify that Google indexes your mobile site?

If you want to make SEO friendly for mobile users, better to use Site Operator to visible your site on search engine. Some time you can’t find your site on search engines, if you got the same problem, then your site has one or both of these issues.

There is a chance that Googlebot is not finding your site

After creating a website, you have to submit your site for Google Webmaster Tools, because when Googlebot crawl your site, it will visible on the search engine.

Notify Google of Mobile Sites

There is a chance that Googlebot is unable to access your site

Some mobiles make it impossible for Googlebot to access the site; due to these restrains, search engine is unable to access your site. Google has a crawler for mobile sites “Googlebot-Mobile” so, if you’d like your site crawled, just allow users to access your site. You can also change its user-agent information through DNS lookups to verify Googlebot.
In addition, verify your mobile URLs, because search engine check each URL. Search engine aren’t view those URLs on mobile site index, which can’t be viewable. Better to read more information about MobileWebmaster Guidelines.

Secondly, Guide Mobile users Accurately

Submitting your site to webmasters is not the ultimate requirement, because there is a problem associated with webmasters who run both versions (Mobile and Desktop). Sometime mobile version site appears for desktop computer and vice versa. If you got this problem, you have to redirect mobile version to mobile site and desktop version to desktop site.

Redirect mobile users to correct version

Here, you have to redirect mobile user or crawler accesses to corresponding mobile version of the same page.

Notify Google of Mobile Sites

Switch Content Based on User-Agent

Many sites are using the same URLs for both desktop and mobile content; they only change the format according to User-Agent. If any problem related to your content or URL better to read, an article about Cloaking. Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting URLs to users and search engines. 

Notify Google of Mobile Sites

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