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18 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

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Everyone does mistakes; no one is perfect, therefore try to learn from your mistakes instead of regret. As we are doing so many mistakes in our blog, therefore I have just categorized 18 most common WordPress Mistakes to avoid on your blog.
WordPress Mistakes to avoid

1)      Choosing the Wrong Platform

Choosing the wrong platform is the most common WordPress mistake, I have ever seen. At initial stage it’s quite difficult to choose best platform for your blog. There are many different platforms for blogging but Blogger and WordPress are best among the others. Now to make a choice between Blogger vs WordPress: which is the best platform for your blog, is another tough decision? Once you make a decision and started blogging on a platform, but later on you were not satisfied with its services and want to move your data to another platform. Suppose, if you had selected Blogger platform before and want to shift your blog to WordPress, now the problem is how to properly move your data from Blogger to WordPress blog? On the other hand, if you had selected WordPress platform for blogging, again you have to make a choice between self hosted vs free hosted Anyway, if you had selected WordPress platform, initially you will be confused between vs WordPress.Org. If you had selected but when it came to monetization, you will definitely going to shift your data from to, again this is a problem. If you had select but later on you were not satisfied about the WordPress platform and want to move your data to blogger, again you will face number of problems problems,. If you want to avoid most common WordPress mistakes, better to read the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger vs WordPress.

2)      Not Integrating Webmaster Tools

Not integrating webmaster tools is another most common WordPress mistake to avoid. Google Analytics is another important factor to know your blog performance, because it will tell you about your site's usage statistics, geographic information, demographic information, direct links and referrals links etc. You should better know about the four main traffic sources in Google Analytics and how to insert Google Analytics tracking code into WordPress? You can also use quantcast to WordPress to know the statistics of your blog. You will probably worry about how to add WordPress blog to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools?
How to add Blogger blog to google webmaster tools
How to add WordPress blog to google webmaster tools

3)      Download a theme from Bad Source

Selecting a theme from a bad source is another WordPress mistake. For me it’s a problem, because I couldn’t found a theme which satisfied me, because the things which I want in a theme are not presented. I mean there is not a single theme like all in one, which satisfied everything. Every theme got some good and bad features. There are some themes, which will full fill your all the requirements, but they are quite expensive and bloggers need free themes. 
Wordpress Themes: Download Wordpress free theme
Get Premium theme from trusted source:

4)      Publishing Weak Content

Publishing weak content is another most common WordPress mistake bloggers are doing. If you want to make your blog famous, all you need to create quality and original content in your blog. Creating content is an easy job but create a quality content, which compete 164 million bloggers are a very tough job. It all depends on the wording, which you are using in the post, because to compel a person to read your post instead he knew what will be in the post below. It means majority of the readers are only reading the title of the post and figured out, what is the post all about. So try to include a catchy post title for each and every post in your blog. Therefore you better know the do’s and don’ts of content writing.

5)      Not Backup WordPress files

Bloggers think that, once they had published a post, it will be saved on the internet, but they don’t know about these technical faults occur at any time, which will completely destroy each and everything. Not backup WordPress files are one of the most common WordPress mistakes we are doing. If you had still not backup your files, I recommend you to use BackuWPup (free) and BackupBuddy (Paid) plugins to secure your data.

6)      Stealing Images

Stealing images is another most common WordPress mistake bloggers are doing. Bloggers think that, they are simply saving an image and then use, but they don’t know that, Images are copyrighted and can be detected later. If you want to tackle this issue all you need to save and crop, or print screen then crop, even you can use Photoshop to edit an image. Once you edit an image, the copyright problem will be varnished. Therefore also avoid this minor WordPress mistake. 

7)      Not putting social buttons

You don’t know the power of social buttons, how important they are to promote your articles with their circles. Suppose you have published an article on your blog and shared on Facebook page and you got 1 like. Initially the article will spread with your circle, and on second like will spread your article to his circle and so on. Just imagine, an article has been shared 300 times on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Stumble, LinkedIn etc, then how much users it will bring to your blog. Every share will increase the social circle and at the end it will spread throughout the world.

8)      Ignoring SEO Settings

If you are ignoring Search Engine Optimization in your blog, you are doing a big WordPress mistake, because SEO will bring search engine traffic to your blog. If you haven't did SEO settings till now, then you will receive less traffic to your blog, because SEO is a powerful tool through which you can make your post evergreen. Therefore get help from this SEO guide

9)      Not linked with money

As we all know that, majority of bloggers are blogging to generate money online.  Therefore you have to make tutorials on, how to make money through blogging? Because many people are interested to know the ways, through which they can generate some money. You should also publish some articles on how to make money with Text LinksCPA, an Affiliate Marketing, Fiverr and oDesk etc. 

10)  Changing the URL

I hate this URL stuff, because it is changing everything, but very important factor in blogging. If you hated the first domain you registered but you got serious about blogging, now you want to change your platform. If you are in this situation, you will lose many things while shifting, such as social sharing etc. Therefore to avoid this WordPress mistake, you should purchase a domain name first. 

11)  Not Setting Permalinks

It’s better to set permalink at the beginning but at time we are not aware about its importance. If you had not select yet, then you got 6 different options to set your permalink. You can select a default, day and name, month and name, numeric, post name, custom structure permalink for your blog.

12)  Not Using own Favicon

Favicon is small icon, representing browser’s address bar normally located on the page’s title. Why we are using a Favicon? Because Favicon is the identity of your site and if you not use it, then hosting provider can put their own Favicon on your blog. Therefore you should change default Favicon with your own blog Favicon. 

13)  Not installing important Plugins

As we all know that, WordPress is based on its Plugins, if you haven't install some important Plugins like SEO by Yoast for search engine optimization, Akismet for preventing spam, and Jetpack to know the statistics etc. Installing Plugins will increase the performance of your blog and you can easily tackle with different problems. 

14)  Ignoring Security

If you had not limit the login attempts to secure your blog, then your blog is in danger, because nowadays, spammers and hackers are spread on the internet and they can hack your account in a single mistake. Therefore secure your WordPress blog by limiting login attempts

15)  Neither Updated nor Learning More

Blogging is all about updating new articles and learn more by keep searching. If you had started a blog, but not update it, then you will not get any traffic, because blogging means to keep updating your viewers with latest innovations and techniques. When I had started blogging, I didn't know much about blogging stuff, but with the passage of time, I learned a lot, because I had continuously updated my blog. Blogging is not only making money, it will increase your knowledge, writing speed and many more. 

16)  Ignoring WordPress Updates

Sometimes we are afraid or forget to update our site, because we are not managing it properly. It’s quite easy to update your site from WordPress 3.9 to 4.0, you need only one click. Why we are afraid to update our site? It’s because we are worried about our theme and Plugins, either they are properly coded are not. Better to keep a backup, before going to any change.

17)  Deleting Images from WordPress Gallery

I did this mistake when I first started WordPress; I had deleted the published images from the WordPress gallery. What I found when I had deleted images from WordPress dashboard gallery? I found that my whole images on the blog have been broken and they were not visible. Then I realized that, blog images are linked with WordPress image gallery. I think some of you had also done the same mistake.

18)  Creating duplicate content

This look awkward, when you are creating duplicate content on your blog, though some topics are looks similar but you should give some unique content on every post. Creating a unique content is not an easy job; because there is already work done on many topics, therefore you should come up with some unique innovations and techniques. Hope you will not do these most common WordPress mistakes on your blog.
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