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1. SEO Basics: Create unique and accurate pages titles

SEO Basic

First thing first, you have to do SEO from the beginning of your post. Title tag tells about, what the topic of particular page is all about. The first impression of your users and search engines figure it out from the title tag that, what is this post all about. According to Google experts, your <title> tag should be placed in between <head> tag of the HTML document.
SEO Basics

Tips to optimize your title tag

  • If you want to know more about different parts of Google search results better to watch the video by Google engineer Matt Cutts.

  • Your title should best describe and effectively communicates the topic of the page’s content

  • Do not use a title that is not related to the content, or using a default/vague titles, such as “New page or Untitled etc”

  • Try to distinct your one page title with the other page titles, because SEO love unique title tags

  • Do not use a single title tag for all your site pages

  • Your title should be in summarized formed, because if the title is too long, Google will show only a portion of it.

  • Avoid using lengthy and unneeded keywords in your title tags.

2. SEO BASICS: use of Description and Meta Tag 

“Meta Tag” is a summary of your page/article, where as “title tag” may be a sentence or few words or a phrase. If you want to know more about “Description and Meta Tag” of your content better to read Google’s Content Analysis section.
SEO Basics

Tips to optimize your Meta Tag

  • In SEO basics you need to accurately summarize your description Meta Tag as a snippet for search results

  • Do not write a description, which do not coherent with the page content

  • Try to use generic description and fill it with only keywords

  • Do not use the same description for your all pages, try to use unique description

  • Or you can Use SEO by Yoast Plugin to auto fill your Meta Description

  • Your description should not be greater than 134 alphabets

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