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There are many things a blogger should know in his blog, it may be associated with websites such as WordPress and Blogger, in order to understand how your blogging software works. For example, Archives, Feeds, Blogrolls, Syndication etc.
Things bloggers should know


Blog is a good way to keep track of articles on your site. It is mostly associated with chronological order of the blog, such as monthly or yearly archives, or it may be daily or date wise basis. It also be based on the categories, such as if you see in my blog categories, there are many categories such as blogging, business, sports, and blogging tutorials etc, here all the articles related to a specific category, like blogging articles are related to blogging category. You can also include author name and set your category with alphabetical order as well.


In feeds there is special software which allows “ Feedreaders” for looking new contents and post updates, which updates the reader about the hottest articles and post on different sites. The feeds include Rich Site Summary (RSS) or RDF files.


It contains a XML software, which updates regularly, when a blog is updated, they display the latest post, as a link it. If you are interested to update about all the blogs, you have to just add the link to RSS feed of the blogs. The feedreader will inform you about the all latest post associated with the blogs. I think you have seen in blogs there is a “Syndication” feeds, which are available for the readers to use.


It is a list or a category linked to a web pages. Blogrolls are often in the sidebar of the page as a separate web page, like WordPress has a Link Manager, due to which a user cannot dependent on the third party for creating and managing it.

Managing Comments

As we all are familiar about the comments, this feature allows us to comment on the article posts, which is linked to your post. These are known as trackbacks and pingbacks.

Trackbacks and Pingbacks

It is a link back method in websites, where author request to notify when someone link to his articles, which enables the author to keep a track, that who is linking to his articles. There is much software, which links automatically pingbacks when an article is published, such as WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, Movable Type, etc. The difference between trackbacks and pingbacks are, trackback is manual where pingback is automatic.

Comment Spam

They are known as to be the useless comments, they are not written according to the context of the post, and they are useless or irrelevant comments. They contain links to the other websites or domains. Spammers as a medium to get higher page ranks for their links and domains in Google.
Permalinks are the permanent URls to the individual’s weblog posts, and Pretty Permalinks are the URLs, which are visible to the people, when they click it.

Post Slugs

It is the title of the article within the post link, if you are using Pretty Permalinks. In blogging different software can truncate the title into more appropriate form, for this it will use your link, and automatically make it better, such as “ I will make a wish” will be truncated into “ Make a Wish” which sound better than the previous.


It is the summarized form of your blog posts. In blogging different tools has been handling to summarize your post, such as in WordPress, Excepts are written to summarize the post.


They are programming scripts, which adds additional functions to your blog. They are often already in the blog or you can easily add them to your site. In WordPress you can easily add and remove the Plugs, from the Administration Panel, then go to Plugin page, and once you have added, go to Plugins Management Subpanel. Once you had added the Plugin, then check it, make sure it’s working, because some Plugins are not easily installed. 

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