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What are the Four Main Traffic Sources in Google Analytics?

Your blog site traffic is coming from four different sources.

Traffic Sources

1-     Search Engines

If your traffic is coming from Search Engine, it means you got a well reputation due to creating a quality of content. The traffic coming from Search Engines like Google, Bing etc are the most relevant traffic for your blog, because when Search engine is recommending your posts for readers, it means your blog is getting popular. You will find more and more unique visitors each day, because it compels the audience to visit your site, through which your earnings will also started increase. When more audience will visit your site, there is more chance of clicking on your blog ads, and when more clicks on the ads, it will generate more revenue for your blog.

How to get more traffic from Search Engines?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful tools for optimization your blog ranking in search engine, because Google is displaying posts according to keyword basis. What are Keywords and keyword Phrases? It is combination of words through which search engine determents what is going to be search, and it is displaying the posts according to the keywords, which has been used in the post title, content and on the Meta description of your posts. If you had selected a less searched keyword, there is more chance of recommending your post by Search Engine and vice versa.

2-    Websites/Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is another great source to increase your blog traffic. You blog is on many social network sites and whenever you publish a post it can appear on the social networks and on different websites, those visitors who come from different websites by click on the links are consider to be Referral Traffic. There are many other sources, which can also be counted as Referral Traffic, such as Google Image Search, web directory listings, and all social networks like Twitter, Facebook. The bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc visitor are also count as Referral Traffic.

3-    Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is coming from the typing of your blog site address directly into the browser or in a PDF or bookmarked or from email footer. Direct traffic is coming from many other sources as well, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Client Redirects etc. Don’t make confuse yourself between direct traffic and referral traffic, because direct is not coming from websites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or from a guest posted link, these all are consider being referral links.

Why direct traffic is important to your site?

It’s because, when a visitor is coming by typing your blog URL on address bar, it means your site has been recognized and people had memorized the blog address. It will give you the royal readers and it not depends on the Google algorithm and Facebook privacy policy mishaps.

How you can increase the Direct Traffic?

You have already figure-out the importance this traffic source in your blog. If you want to increase the direct traffic to your blog, just stick with the niche and become an expert in it, because to make a brand in a particular field, you have to become the best expert in that field. Secondly you should pick an easy domain name, which can be memorize easily, like bloggerwits etc, through which people can easily memorize your blog name and can easily visit your site. Thirdly build a community, because your responsive reader can bring a consistent direct traffic.

4-    RSS Feed

RSS is a notification system, which is providing web feeds directly to your computer. It come in two varieties, one can be web-based and second one for the desktop-based. It alerts you, when it collects different updates from your favorite sites. RSS has been programmed behind on the website, which is called RSS Aggregator. It is commonly known as feed reader and constantly waiting for new posts, when new pops up on a site, you’re subscribed to.

How do I use RSS?

Well, there are hundreds of aggregators, but I recommend you to use Google Reader, because each aggregator out there is capable of syncing with it. An orange icon () is normally located with the social media buttons.
If your blog traffic is coming from all four sources, then we can say you got a diversified and healthy site, because your eggs are not in one basket. In case one site is down, remaining three sites will compensate your traffic.

Why we are so curious about the traffic?

1-      The number of Visitors
2-     The number of Pages.
3-     The amount of time.
It’s because we want to increase three main things. We simply want to increase the number of visitors and the clicks on pages and as well as want to increase the amount of time they spend on our site. If the numbers of visitors increase, the blog can become popular and can be able to generate handsome amount of money.
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
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