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Top 5 Websites Paying More Than $50 Per Post


Freelancer blogger can pay you $50 or more on per post. If you have the persuasive writing skill you can generate handsome amount of money through this blog. First you just submit your mail; they will send you the conformation of your account.


In you have to write a content length up-to (600-2000) words, and they will include your article as a guest post. The amount for per post here is $50.

3-     Travel and leisure

Amount for per post in Travel and Leisure up-to $1000, they accept articles from freelance writers; first submit your mail to Travel and Leisure site.


Here you can write a travel article, they will pay you up-to $50 on per post. You can write post on places, traffics, roads, geography of the earth or any article related to travelling.


This site is associated with business related article; here you have to write article on marketing, advertisement of a product, services etc. You will be paid up-to $50 per post
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
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