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Things Blogger Should Know in his blog

There are many things a blogger should know in his blog, it may be associated with websites such as WordPress and Blogger, in order to understand how your blogging software works. For example, Archives, Feeds, Blogrolls, Syndication etc.
Things bloggers should know


Blog is a good way to keep track of articles on your site. It is mostly associated with chronological order of the blog, such as monthly or yearly archives, or it may be daily or date wise basis. It also be based on the categories, such as if you see in my blog categories, there are many categories such as blogging, business, sports, and blogging tutorials etc, here all the articles related to a specific category, like blogging articles are related to blogging category. You can also include author name and set your category with alphabetical order as well.


In feeds there is special software which allows “ Feedreaders” for looking new contents and post updates, which updates the reader about the hottest articles and post on different sites. The feeds include Rich Site Summary (RSS) or RDF files.


It contains a XML software, which updates regularly, when a blog is updated, they display the latest post, as a link it. If you are interested to update about all the blogs, you have to just add the link to RSS feed of the blogs. The feedreader will inform you about the all latest post associated with the blogs. I think you have seen in blogs there is a “Syndication” feeds, which are available for the readers to use.


It is a list or a category linked to a web pages. Blogrolls are often in the sidebar of the page as a separate web page, like WordPress has a Link Manager, due to which a user cannot dependent on the third party for creating and managing it.

Managing Comments

As we all are familiar about the comments, this feature allows us to comment on the article posts, which is linked to your post. These are known as trackbacks and pingbacks.

Trackbacks and Pingbacks

It is a link back method in websites, where author request to notify when someone link to his articles, which enables the author to keep a track, that who is linking to his articles. There is much software, which links automatically pingbacks when an article is published, such as WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, Movable Type, etc. The difference between trackbacks and pingbacks are, trackback is manual where pingback is automatic.

Comment Spam

They are known as to be the useless comments, they are not written according to the context of the post, and they are useless or irrelevant comments. They contain links to the other websites or domains. Spammers as a medium to get higher page ranks for their links and domains in Google.
Permalinks are the permanent URls to the individual’s weblog posts, and Pretty Permalinks are the URLs, which are visible to the people, when they click it.

Post Slugs

It is the title of the article within the post link, if you are using Pretty Permalinks. In blogging different software can truncate the title into more appropriate form, for this it will use your link, and automatically make it better, such as “ I will make a wish” will be truncated into “ Make a Wish” which sound better than the previous.


It is the summarized form of your blog posts. In blogging different tools has been handling to summarize your post, such as in WordPress, Excepts are written to summarize the post.


They are programming scripts, which adds additional functions to your blog. They are often already in the blog or you can easily add them to your site. In WordPress you can easily add and remove the Plugs, from the Administration Panel, then go to Plugin page, and once you have added, go to Plugins Management Subpanel. Once you had added the Plugin, then check it, make sure it’s working, because some Plugins are not easily installed. 
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Which Niche Should I Select For My Blog?

which niche should i select
Creating a blog is not a difficult job, but the most difficult job in blogging is to select a Niche, because to figure out your own strengths in a field and to know about your own capabilities is quite difficult job. Normally we know little bit about everything, but not fully about a particular one, if you are in such kind of situation, it will quite difficult for you to choose a particular niche, because your knowledge is general not specific. If your interest and knowledge lies in a particular field, it will make easy for you to choose a specific field.
Now it’s important to figure out your own strength and capabilities to select a productive niche that will generate maximum revenue for you.  Today I am going to tell you about top 10 niches to choose as your blog topic, because these are most useable topics in the blogging.

1-      Blogging Tips

I think Blogging itself is the most popular niche amongst the bloggers, because Blogging Tips are most useable application on the internet. If you got the skills about, Blogging Tips, Making Blogging Tutorials, Make Money Blogging and Blogging Tricks etc, then you better to select a niche on Blogging Tips. One thing you have to keep in mind while selecting this popular niche, that is, there is already a huge work have been done, therefore you should better know some complimentary topics associated with this niche that are, web designing and web development. Blogging Tips are quite famous in the developing world, particularly in India and Pakistan. Majority of bloggers know the basics about Blogging, there for you should come up with some solid and unique content, so you can make some follower and viewers, because I have seen, it’s very difficult to make followers in blogging.

2-      Technology is another important niche for young bloggers; today bloggers are making Million of Dollar from this niche. If you are going to choose this niche, you should better to update with the latest innovations in the technological world, because when a new device is launched in the market, it creates a hype, and big enough to bring more visitors to know about that device. I personally recommend this topic for the Engineering and Business fields students, because the niche is related with their fields.

3-      Showbiz/Celebrities

I think this is one of the easiest and simplest niches for blogging, because you have to just write on Celebrities Life, Latest Photos, Breakups, and Gossips etc. This is a side of entertainment, and people love to listen, read and watch entertainment sites, because this site is giving some sort of happiness in their lives, there for, if you love Showbiz site, better to choose a niche on Celebrities or Showbiz. This is a vast topic, you can either write your articles on Showbiz sites such as Bollywood, Hollywood, or Lollywood. 

4-      Social Media

Today Social Media is one of the powerful social platforms in the word. It’s a great source to promote your blog in different channels. I have no words to describe the existence and the power of Social Media, because it’s a vast platform. If you want to select your blog nice on Social Media, again you have to make updated yourself with it, because with the passage of time, even on daily basis the Social Media trends are changing rapidly. This is again a good topic; you can make a niche on Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube etc. If are good at Tips and Tricks, better to make a niche on Facebook and Google, because these both are on the top of Social Media.

5-      Business and Finance

Today Business and finance has change the life style and living standard of the human beings. Well, money has the power, which compels me to write and force you to read this article, hehe well it was a joke. Apart from joke, if I will be frank with you, man will love money till the end of this world, because it is the basic need for the survival, there for you should come up with your brilliant business ideas and change this world with your knowledge and skills. If you had completed your studies in Business Administration or Social Sciences, better to choice a niche of Business and Finance.

6-      Health

People are searching and very curious to solve their health problems, because a person sitting India is as curious to know about a remedy for losing his weight as a person in USA. As we know that, health problems are started increasing and if you are a medical student, or you have a command on Yoga, than you should select a niche on Fitness and Health related issues, which will be better for you being an expert in this field. If you are not an expert or professional on this field, please don’t make a blog on this topic, because it’s a matter of some one’s life.

7-      Fashion and Designing

It is an addiction, due to which the Fashion and designing has changed the living standards of the human beings and brings more glamour to our lives. People are more curious to know about the latest Fashion trend, there for they are searching on the internet for a solution, because it’s the easiest way. So if you are a Fashion designer or you want to promote your brand, you should select a niche on Fashion and Designing.

8-      Relationships

Relationships are a part of life. We have always an emotional attachment with our friends and family. A recent study has shown that, about 90% people are emotional attached with someone. About 80% of young generation is using internet as a source to improving their relationships. We have seen this Text and Video Chatting on internet on love relationships. People love to get advices on Relationships. So if you are a better guide to solve their Relationship problems, then you should create a blog on this niche.

9-      Online Buying and Selling Products

Whenever I hear the word Online Buying and Selling, the first site which came in my mind is and secondly it is It’s quite complex niche, but if you have the ability to work as middle and have the ability to transfer the goods, then you should create a blog on this niche. 

10-  Politics

Political blog is another a vast topic, but bloggers had narrowed down it into two parts, Serious Politics and Funny Politics. You have seen this on internet that, the bloggers normally upload funny videos and scandals of Politicians, normally it works and bring more traffic to your blog, you can make a blog on this niche, because this topic is quite famous on Social Media and amongst the Teenagers. You will be amazed to see the likes on funny videos of Politicians. In my experience funny site is quite popular as compare to other.

Conclusion Remarks

I personally recommend to choose a niche, where your interest lies and capable of handling that niche. I want to quote an example from a movie that is “Taare Zameen Par”. In which Amir Khan gives an advice to the parents, in which he said, “A student should choose a subject where his/her interest lies” Same advice has also given in the movie “3 Idiots” where Farhan wants to become a photographer, but his father wanted him to become an Engineer and finally Farhan had selected photography, because that is what he like to do. So try to select a niche, where your interest lies.
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How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

make money from affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online, because it is the easiest way, all you need to embed a referral link in your blog. Initially bloggers are generating revenue from ads, but with the passage of time, they are shifting to affiliate markets. Now the question is How to Make Money From Affiliate MarketingThe logic is very simple, you need to promote products of a company and on each sale, you get the a commission. For example, Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate markets on the internet, each day millions of sales are made due to these referral links.

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Create a blog/website

To make money from affiliate marketing, you must have a blog or a website. Create a blog on blogger or WordPress. As majority of readers had created their own blog, therefore we jump to the second step.

Selecta niche

You should know how to select a niche for your blog? Your blog niche plays an important role in affiliate market, because many bloggers display those affiliate products, which are associated with their niche. For example, if your niche is about “Mobiles”, then better to affiliate with mobile websites.

Find a product, in Clickbank, commission junction, linkshare and paydotcom

These are some affiliate markets, through which you can easily embed a referral link in your blogClickbank is an online marketplace for digital information products. It serves as a connection between vendors and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers. According to 2011 estimates, this site has attracted over 1500,000 affiliate marketers, in which 100,000 are active. It precedes 35,000 transactions per day with $1.8 billion. Commission Junction linkshare and paydotcom is another online advertising company, operating in the affiliate marketing industry.

Tips to increase sales

Create quality of content
Promote those products, which associate with your niche
Help rather than selling
Choose your affiliate products wisely
Build up on your reputation
Recommend your top affiliate in discussion groups
Do SEO to get more traffic
Dig into forums
Make the new familiar and familiar new
Add new items automatically instead of manually

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Top 5 Websites Paying More Than $50 Per Post


Freelancer blogger can pay you $50 or more on per post. If you have the persuasive writing skill you can generate handsome amount of money through this blog. First you just submit your mail; they will send you the conformation of your account.


In you have to write a content length up-to (600-2000) words, and they will include your article as a guest post. The amount for per post here is $50.

3-     Travel and leisure

Amount for per post in Travel and Leisure up-to $1000, they accept articles from freelance writers; first submit your mail to Travel and Leisure site.


Here you can write a travel article, they will pay you up-to $50 on per post. You can write post on places, traffics, roads, geography of the earth or any article related to travelling.


This site is associated with business related article; here you have to write article on marketing, advertisement of a product, services etc. You will be paid up-to $50 per post
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8 Different Ways to Make Money Online

There are number of ways through which you can make money online. Nowadays people love to work online instead of doing a job. Therefore I have categorized 8 different ways to make money online. So let’s jump to see all those ways to make money online.
ways to make money online

1-      Services
Ways to make money online


Freelancer is a person who sells services to employers without a long term agreement. He may be a writer or an artist, who is hired to do specific assignments. Field in which a freelancer is commonly includes, web design, graphic design, web development, video editing, translation, journalism, music, publication, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, editing, copy editing etc. If you got any skill associated with freelancing, then you can earn lots of money by simply providing your services to others. Internet is full of opportunities, if you are interested to earn some money you should come up with you skills and your luck. 


Coaching is a kind of teaching to someone, or gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional goal, such as football players are getting training from their coach. Its applications are associated with many fields, for example life coaching, ADHD coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, financial coaching, personal coaching, sport coaching, health coaching, conflict coaching etc. If you got any one of them, you can earn handsome amount of money through coaching. In ways to make money online coaching is the easiest way.


Here you can train people with you skills. You can give two types of trainings

1-      General Training

 General training is a training with is applicable for every fields.

2-       Specific Training

Specific training is training for specific areas. Here you can train people for a particular subject, it may be associated with blogging, programming, or it may be any other specific field, for example, physical training, job training, or it may be religious or spiritual training.


Consultant is a profession, in which one is providing professional or expert advices related to his/her specific field and has a wide range of knowledge of the subject matter. Such as strategy consultants, internet consultants, public relations consultants, information technology consultants, marketing consultants, or it may be a blogging consultant. So in ways to make money online, consulting someone else is another easy job to do.


Speaking is associated with your linguistic interaction, in order to speak a language correctly. It is not only learning grammar, but also learns the context in which words are used. So if you have a good voice with speaking ability in a particular language, you can apply for a job in news reading, public speaking, or it may be, taught online courses through internet.

Event’s Organizer

Here you can play a role of an organizer. You will be paid on the basis of organizing different events. It may be a marriage ceremony, sports competition, media events, parties, corporate or business functions etc.


It is creation of a plan, or a construction of an object or a system, or design an object with another prospective, such as web designing, graphic designing, software designing, fashion designing, interior designing, dress designing, architecture designing, engineering designing, product designing, lighting designing, and many other designs. Girls are taking more interest in designing fields such as fashion designing, and interior designing of a house etc. If you are a good designer you can earn lot of money, like a fashion designer. So in ways to make money online designing  is another great field.


It is a gift given for charitable purposes, it may be a cash offering, services, new or used clothing, toys, food, vehicles or it may be associated with your body parts such as blood donations, or organs such as kidney transplantation etc.

2-      Virtual Products

Ways to make money online


As we know that, online course has been taught by many people. Here you can also offer different course according to your ability and in which your major interest lies. They are online courses, lecture courses; tutorial courses, laboratory course, or it may be associated to blogging courses. Creating tutorials is another great way to make money online.


An electronic book, or digital book is a book published in digital form, consist of text and images, or both and readable on electronic devices. Commercially produced and sold E-books and viewing screen, including mobile phones, computers, and near all smart phones. Some companies like Amazon, with their kindle PC software consist of an emulator through which reader can read on other platforms as well. Such as Amazon Kindle, Nook Simple Touch, Nook tablet, Apple Ipad, Sony Reader, Kobo Touch, Pocket Book Reader etc. In ways to make money online, writing an Ebook is another great idea. You can sell that Ebook on Amazon.


These are machine readable instructions or form of computer program, which perform specific operations, such as web pages are programmed in HTML, PHP, NET, JSP and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, C++, C, Java, and System software includes, drivers, window systems, antivirus etc. If you are computer science guy, all you need to utilize your skills and create your own software, plug-in or an app to make money online.


It is an electrical or representation of sound. Audio products include Radio, FM, Television, Movies, and CDs etc. It is directly or indirectly linked with many electronic devices. You can make money online through podcasting, creating mp3 audios etc.
It is an electronic medium for the recording, copying and broadcasting of moving visual images. Videos are used in different fields, such as used in music, movies, documentaries, television, internet, mobiles, mp4s, and many other electronic devices. You can also earn money by producing videos, which may be associated to any field. Nowadays mostly people are watching prank videos on Youtube. Therefore you need to create prank videos for Youtube and make money online.


These are web-based seminars, lectures, workshops, or it may be a presentation. Web conferencing that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations is made possible by internet technologies. You can create  webinars in remote areas to make money online.


Report is any informational work, usually of writing, speech, television, or film, in a widely presentable form. Reports are usually used to display an experiment, investigation, or an inquiry. They are used in business, education, science, in government or any other fields, such as annual reports, auditory reports, census reports, progressive reports, budget reports, or it may be a military report etc. If you are good in report writing, you can earn a handsome amount of money from it.

3-      Physical products

Ways to make money online


As we know, a book is set of written, printed made of ink, paper or other materials. Books are bought and sold in stationeries or bookstores. According to Google estimation in 2010, about 130,000,000 unique titles had been published, such as non-fiction, fiction, genres books consist of drama, romance, and mystic, religious, scientific, math, poetry, arts, diaries, or it may be a dictionary. So in make money online, writing a book is another great idea.


Merchandise refers to the variety of products, which is available for sale, and display to attract customers to make purchase. It’s simply promotes goods, commodities and products. You can promote products on Amazon, Ebay etc and on each sale you can get a commission.


It is an optical disc storage format. It offers higher storage capacity than compact disc. It is used in DVD-Video and in DVD-Audio format. DVD videos went on sale in Japan in 1996, in USA 1997. DVD-Videos became the dominant form in Japan. But now Blu ray Disc show a dominance over DVD videos. So you can sell movies, videos and television shows on DVD.

4-      Advertising

Ways to make money online
It is the form of communication for marketing, to encourage, manipulate, or persuade an audience (customers) to purchase your products and services. There are some types of advertising networks below. I will explain one by one, that how people generate money from it.

Ad Networks

In advertising networks a company is connecting advertisers to websites, which are hosting advertisement, such as in different websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, or it may be associated with any website or a blog. The blogger’s main source of income comes from advertising networks; different companies are advertising their products in different blogs. Below are some advertising networks online.
Cost per Impression (CPI) is a term used in online advertising or online marketing related to web traffic. Here companies advertise their products and allow their customers to see the advertisement, for this advertisement companies are paying money to the webhosted person on the bases of CPI.
It is an internet advertisement, in which a company or advertiser pay the publisher or a website owner, when the ad is clicked. Content sites usually charge a fixed amount of money on per click.
Top 10 CPC Advertising Networks
It is referring to support an event, activity, person, or an organization financially or it may be through products and services. As we are watching football and cricket on the television and the players are wearing shirts with some logo on it, such as Pepsi, Nick etc. It means the companies are sponsoring for the team, it’s a kind of indirect advertisement for their products. In ways to make money online sponsorship is another great idea to make money online. You just need to embed a referral code on your site. Whenever a visitor purchases something online through this referral link, you will get paid.
It is a text on a blog or on a website, which is hyperlinked to a specific page on another site. Companies and as well as blogger pay money to website owner to publish their product link or their blog link, to get a huge traffic to their page. You can also add text links advertising networks on your site and earn money online.
Top text-links advertising networks
3 best in-text advertising networks

Pay Per Post

In websites, the content creators usually bloggers find advertisers willing to sponsor a content. He creates opportunities, like feedbacks, reviews, buzz, etc. In 2007 PPP introduced a segmentation system such as Google Page Rank, and also faced criticism because some says sponsored blogging is unethical. There are websites who are paying money for blog post.

Job boards/Classifieds

Here jobs has been advertised in websites, such CareerBuilder, etc, allow you to search job boards, career pages, associations and job lists. These sites are partnered with newspapers to provide all kind of job opportunities. People simply go on the websites and submit their resumes according to the requirements. So in ways to make money online, you can also create a blog through which you can share job advertisement on it.

Newsletter Advertising

Newsletters are publications about one main topic to its subscribers, such as newspapers and leaflets, or it may be delivered through email. These newsletters are published by societies, clubs, associations, and businesses etc. This includes upcoming events and contact information related to an organization. Here you can collect all upcoming events and contact information of different organization to make money online.

RSS Advertising

Really simply syndication (RSS) is a channel through which updates about web content and gather information in one place, such as blog entries, audios, videos, headlines etc.

5-      Affiliate Marketing

It’s like a return on investment (ROI) kind of thing, as a merchant you pay a percentage or a commission on any sales, when an affiliate sends you. Some related methods include search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email marketing, content marketing etc.


A network is combination of two or more computer systems linked together, such as local area network (LANS), wide area networks (WANs), Campus area network (CANs), home area networks (HANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs). If you are an expert of LANs, WANs, CANs, HANs and MANs you can generate handsome amount of money online.

6-      Continuity programs

It’s a new online business model, where you can sell information products online, such as retainer, subscription membership, club membership, subscription membership or association for long term agreements. Here communities, premium content, or coaching involves.


Community has two distinct meanings, one is used for social unit, which share common values, and second one we use for online communities that exists online, where member pooled their information and post in a blog or a website.

Premium content

It includes books, articles, or content that is offered to readers on a subscription basis.

7-      Selling /Flipping Blogs

Flipping is a revenue asset and quickly reselling it for profit. Here people can make blogs and sell out when they become famous. The buyers will look the potential, how much traffic, profitability, and famous the blog is, and if they are satisfy they will purchase it.

8-      Indirect methods

Growing Offline Business

The terms online and offline are used for computer technology, and telecommunications. Online means on the state of connectivity, and offline means a disconnected state, such as mail user agent, Microsoft Outlook, when online it will attempt to connect.


Web syndication is a form in which website materials and article are made available to other sites as well, such as web feeds, which provide a summary and updates of the different websites. Commercial syndications are Reuters, Associated Press, Headline News and Preview Network.

Find a job

The final option is simply find a job, it may be full time, part time, odd job, seasonal, self employment, or it may be a temporary job. So above were some ways through which you can make money online. If you got other online sources through which you are generating money, just describe those below via comments.

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